We are among the leading manufacturers and trade of Earthing Electrodes & Accessories. Owing to their excellent electricity conductivity and ability to withstand extreme weathering conditions, these earthing rods are highly demanded.
Chemical Earthing
Copper Bonded Earthing Rods
Copper Bonded Electrodes
GI Earthing Electrode
Earthing Electrode
Back Fill Compound & Gel
Earthing Pit Cover
GI Earthing Electrode Backfill Compound
Ploy Plastic Pit Cover
Earthing Accessories
Lighting Arrestors
Lightning Rod Arrester
ESE Lightning Arrester
Mobile Earthing
Exothermic Welding
Earth Charging Liquid
Advanced Earthing Solutions
ESE Lightning Protection System
Gel Earthing Grounding System
Lightning Protection System
Grounding System
Complete Earthing Material
Earthing Materials
Earth Enhancing Compound
Chemical Earthing Compound
Early Streamer Emission
Earthing Electrodes for Equipement Safety
Copper Bonded Electrodes for Data Centres
Copper Earthing Electrode for Petrochemical Industry
Control Streamer Emission
Gmax Railway Earthing RDSO approved
Solar Earthing Kit
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